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Trim Painting – Kids and pets are awesome. Most people have one or the other. They bring so much joy to our lives. However, we all know that kids and pets can wreak absolute havoc on our home’s interior. As kids gets older, their feet get bigger and they ultimately cause more damage to the trim of your home like the baseboards. Animals do exactly the same thing. Cats and dogs are notorious for clawing up floorboards and door trim in attempts to enter or escape certain areas of your home. After years of this kind of wear and tear, your trim could use a little loving.

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Shain Painting, as part of our interior house painters package, will do all trim work in your home. Whether that is the baseboards, the crown molding, or the door trim. This kind of work is challenging so leave it to the experts. Painting trim like your baseboards is more than just applying a new coat of paint. First, we will go through and inspect your trim all over the home. The trim needs to be inspected for a few things, but primarily we need to check to see if any of the trim needs to be puttied and sanded.

Once we have inspected all of the trim around your home and marked the areas that need to be sanded and puttied, we will go through and painstakingly putty and sand all of the dents, scratches and claw marks. We apply a painter’s putty and smooth it out. Then we sand the area to ensure it is flush with the rest of the trim.

Once your trim is prepped, Shain Painting will take tremendous care going around your baseboards, door trim, and crown molding to ensure it is painted and that no paint gets on the floor or on the wall or anywhere else you don’t want it. This is easily the most challenging part of trim painting. It is a small part of the home but when a color that isn’t supposed to be on a wall ends up there, it can stand out like it is huge. We at Shain Painting excel at precision. Precision painting can be time-consuming, but we pride ourselves in ensuring that your trim and only your trim is painted.