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Pressure Washing – 

Over time, anything that is exposed to the elements in Georgia will begin to get dirty and grimy. We are known for our humidity down here. Unfortunately, with all of this moisture and trees everywhere, your home and driveway are sure to change color. The problem with this is that it can be nard to notice.

This is similar with babies. When you are with a baby all day every day, it can be hard to notice them growing like a weed, but then when you see your family, they’re like, “They are so huge!” What? I never noticed!

Same thing with a dirty home and driveway. When you come home every day, it can be hard to notice that the Georgia elements have taken their toll on your property. One blast from a pressure washer is all you need to see that your home and driveway are a far cry from the original colors they once had.

This is where Shain Painting steps in. While our primary focus is painting, we also do pressure washing. Using pressurized water and cleaners, we spray your home and your driveway to help and restore them to their original beauty. Don’t waste your time getting outside and getting soaked with water. Leave that to the professionals.

Shain Painting will painstakingly go over all of your home and driveway with a pressure washer. Slowly but surely, we will clean away years and years of Georgia weather. You will be amazed when you see the difference that a couple of hours of pressurized water makes on your home. You will instantly have curb appeal again.

And, if you are trying to sell your home, a fresh clean home thanks to pressure washing can be the difference between selling the home and not selling the home.

Another benefit to pressure washing your home is that it can reveal any damage that may have gone unnoticed. Weather in Georgia can be brutal on the home visually, but it can also do physical damage to the home. And, if you can’t see the damage because of all the grime, then you could be opening yourself up to even bigger problems like water leaks or pest infestation.

After we complete pressure washing your home, we will give a thorough inspection to ensure that no other repairs are necessary to protect you from leaks or pests. Lucky for you, Shain Painting also specializes in home repair.