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Drywall Repair – Drywall, otherwise known as sheet rock, is one of, if not the most, common building materials used in almost every home built today. Unless you are incredibly wealthy and can afford to have your walls build with wood or stone, it is likely your walls are sheetrock. Sheetrock is one of the greatest inventions for the construction industry because it is easy to work with and to paint. This simplicity combined with sheetrock’s mass production abilities has made a cheap, reliable product that builders absolutely love. Painters like me enjoy it too. The material that sheetrock is surfaced with is much easier to paint than wood. Very little to no primer is needed with sheetrock due to the flat finish it comes with.

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The only obvious downside to drywall being so cheap and efficient is that it is prone to minor (or major) damage over years and years of use. Open that door too hard a few times? You probably have some damaged drywall. Hang a bunch of pictures through the house? Those holes need repairing. The point is, no matter the size of the drywall damage, Shain Painting is the company to call.

If you have a large hole, we will cut around the hole making a slightly bigger rectangle. We will then put supports behind the wall so that the new piece of drywall can have something to adhere to. Once we have these supports in place, we will screw the new piece of cut out sheetrock to the new support. Once the drywall is screwed to the support, we will apply a couple coats of drywall putty and wait for them to cure to sand them.

We also specialize in repairing corners in your home. Corners can suffer a lot of the home’s wear and tear. Especially corners in high volume areas.  Kids and pets often move too fast through the home resulting in damage to the corners of these high traffic areas. We will cut away to damaged area. Once we clean up the area, we will apply a corner piece to the wall and install it with screws. Once the corner piece is up, we will cover it with drywall putty and wait for it to dry and then sand it.

Whatever your drywall and sheetrock repair needs, Shain Painting is the company to call! Call today for your free estimate.