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Cabinet Painting  

In the last 10+ years, the kitchen has become a focus in the home. For the longest time, kitchens have been isolated from the house. Having painted some really old homes, kitchens used to be completely separate, whether it was physically separated in a different building or if it was downstairs. Even in some homes built 40 or so years ago, kitchens are almost always behind a door. The point is, the kitchen was not a focal point of the home.

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That is no longer the case. Almost all new homes have open concepts where if you are standing in a kitchen, you can see the living room and vice versa. One of the things realtors say is the most requested thing from new home buyers is, “Does it have an open concept?” People want to see the kitchen because the focus on the family being together has grown over the years. Even older homes that are being remodeled are always trying to achieve an open concept.

This is where your cabinetry comes in. If your home is open concept, then the living room is not the only thing your guests are going to see. They are going to see your kitchen, so having freshly painted cabinetry to match the décor of your home is paramount.

Shain Painting has a long track record of helping people with the kitchen updates. Often, a full kitchen remodel can be cost prohibitive, but a fresh coat of paint, while much cheaper, can have essentially the same effect. This is where we come in. We will carefully remove all of the doors of your cabinets and place them carefully around the kitchen. We will then go through patching and sanding any rough spots that have developed over the years. Just like with the trim, having rough spots can ruin the appearance of your cabinets even after a fresh coat of paint.

Once the rough spots are patched and sanded, we will carefully paint the cabinets and ensure that no paint gets inside the actual cabinets. Don’t trust your cabinets to just any painters. Call Shain Painting today for your free painting quote.